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My Mother. My Inspiration.

One of the most common questions I am asked when campaigning across America is, who provided the inspiration for me to get out into the world and dedicate my life making a difference? So today let me share the wonderful story of my mother, Julia Massey, for she is the answer. In her journey I experienced the power of intuition over external authority, spirit over matter, and how serving from the heart brings forth more bountiful fruit than working for a motive.

If ever there was someone who embodied all that is powerful and wonderful about Schumacher's "small is beautiful" philosophy, my mother is that person: "Look after your own little corner and stand up when your community needs you" and "always turn a negative thought into a positive action" were and remain the mantras we live by. But hers isn't a story of philosophy; it's a story of vision... READ HER STORY...

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